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What is the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC)?

CRCC is an innovative robotics tournament that excites and engages students in coding. Schools can compete and involve students through gaming and competition in STEM, coding and tech literacy. No previous experience is necessary, everyone can participate. CRCC is cloud-based, can be accessed from any computer and uses simulation of virtual 3D Robots that perform complex tasks and missions. By learning to program, planning and strategizing the virtual robot to participate, students will compete within their class, grade, school, district and state to win stages and progress to the finals.



CRCC promotes STEM activity in schools using the motivating competitive environment that students love and can be easily engaged in.

For Students

  • Game-like, fun competition for all levels
  • Individual or group participation
  • Peer participation and competitive spirit
  • Beginners develop computation thinking,
    time management, and strategy skills while
    more advanced students refine the same
    skills and have the opportunity to mentor
    less experienced students to help the
    team/school succeed
  • Recognition: badges, certificates, prizes

For Educators

  • Motivational STEM activity
  • Generates student participation
  • No-cost activity to introduce STEM enrichment activities, and specifically coding and robotics.
  • Leverages tools and with which students and teachers are familiar.
  • Student participation is self-directed so “over-the-shoulder” time is minimized.
  • Promotes diverse participation, e.g: gender, experience with coding.
  • Designed for accessibility.
  • Professional development and recognition opportunities.

For Districts

  • Encourage students, teachers and administrators to get involved in STEM
  • Engage with community and local industry
  • Promote core values – diversity, technology, school spirit, academic progress
  • Highly visible program for school, district and community

The CRCC Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the integration of STEM technology education programs in k-12 in the U.S. to support a diverse skilled 21st Century STEM workforce capable of advancing and prospering in the Innovation Economy.

The CRCC Vision

We will promote diversity and inclusiveness through highly accessible coding and virtual robotics competitions and introduce cutting edge educational technology programs for learning institutions.

Why is CRCC different from other competitions


Affordable and Accessible

The entire school can participate – no travel or special hardware required – a PC, MAC, or Chromebook with the latest Chrome browser and a minimum 64 bit CPU and 4 GB RAM will suffice. CRCC can jump-start robotics, coding, or STEM programs where none exist, and provide a cohort of students and educators with foundational skills and a school with a STEM success story.


No prior knowledge of coding or robotics is needed for educators or students. CRCC is self-directed and each student can progress at their own pace. Real-time guidance and hints help students learn to code virtual robots, and gamified mission simulations with real-time results motivate the learning.

Scalable and Flexible

Competitions range in size from twenty schools to hundreds of schools and can be held over several weeks or at a one-day event. Students can log-in from home and over the weekend and are not limited by school hours, class time or classroom space.


Unlike traditional robotics, educators and students can measure and monitor individual progress and objectives at all levels of the competition and compare themselves with other schools.


CRCC aims to encourage and empower female participation within each competition and rewards schools that engage the greatest proportion of female student participants; similarly CRCC actively recruits and encourages Title I schools and organizations/clubs that serve low-resource communities.


CRCC prides itself on its dedication to inclusiveness and superior performance. Our programs are designed to develop core pillars that help students achieve academic and personal excellence in STEM

Competition Info

How does the competition work?

Once the educational staff have received instruction, the competition platform will be open and login information will be shared with teachers and students.

Students login to the CoderZ SaaS Platform where they work to complete missions that introduce them to mechanics, physics and programming accompanied by math, science and engineering principles.

Students work during or outside class time on challenging, fun missions that require them to strategize, gain knowledge and score points to attain the next level.

Each mission challenges students and gives them the skills and practice they need to progress through the competition.

The interface utilizes drag-and-drop Blockly programming. This easy-to-use interface helps students learn computational thinking, the coding process, how to code, and advanced skills as the competition progresses. Advanced functionality shows the Java code behind the code blocks, allowing students to begin to learn Java.

The first two phases of the competition, Boot Camp and Qualifiers are virtual competitions. Students compete individually, collecting score and participation points for their school’s team.

Teams that meet high participation ratios or numbers or accumulate the most average points per CRCC Guidelines/Rules, will receive invitations to the in-person Finals. Teams of two (2) students will represent each school. Parents, educators, students and community leaders are welcome to come and encourage the contestants.

Educators can receive Professional Development credits and may compete with students or against one another.


Competition Timeline

Educator Training (1-2 weeks before Boot Camp)

A webinar introduces the competition and demonstrates the platform.
In-person training for state-wide or major implementations is available.
Educators will also have access to the platform to practice missions.

Boot Camp (1-3 weeks)

In Boot Camp students and educators navigate through carefully designed missions
on the competitions platform while learning the foundation of coding and robotics.
There are 50+ missions and up to 8 hours of content to challenge them. Participation
and diversity earns awards and an invitation to Finals

Qualifiers (10 days)

Individual students will complete 20+ missions to earn points for their school’s team.
Each mission is progressively more challenging and complex.
The schools with the highest average scores or increased participation numbers will
earn invitations to the Finals.

Finals (1-day event)

Student representatives from each school will be challenged, in-person,
to complete 15+ advanced level missions under a time constraint.

Award Categories


Finals Awards

Final Best Score Award
1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Other awards at Sponsor/Host/CRCC


Boot Camp Awards

Inclusivity Boot Camp Award Winner
School of 100+ students with the highest Number of Active Student Participants From The Total Middle School Student Population

Grace Hopper Boot Camp Award Winner
School of 100+ students with the highest Number of Active Female Student Participants From The Total Female Middle School Student Population


Teacher Recognition

Teacher prizes for student engagement
and completion levels

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